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Airland 202 Luxury

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202 Luxury

The 202 Luxury is the all-new Two-Mattress-In-One bed that has been designed to give the maximum support and comfort.
Each of the separable mattresses is a complete pleasure to sleep on and best of all they are strong and durable. As the mattresses are detachable, it makes the mattresses easy to lift and clean.

Comfort Index : Firm
Bed Frame : Black Rock

Specification :

NATURAL LATEXFor extra softness, cushioning and support, Airland mattresses incorporate latex with ingredients harvested from the Hevea or “rubber” tree.
Latex naturally regulates body temperature; it is also dust mite resistant and bacteria resistant, which adds to the longevity of Airland mattresses.


6 - CONVOLUTION SPRINGSmaller spring coil diameter with 6 turns convolution to achieve optimum springing and provide better support to your body.



ORGANIC ANTI DUST MITESOrdinary mattress fabrics can provide an ideal breeding ground for dust mites. These are microscopic mites that feed on dead skin cells and food particles.
They do not bite humans but their by-products are highly allergenic and can cause allergic reaction and trigger asthma. The Anti Dust Mites treatment ensures that they cannot survive on your.


VELOUR / KNITTED BAMBOO FABRICBamboo fiber is used for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it ideal for people suffering from allergies.
With its high moisture absorption qualities and excellent permeability together with its softness and extreme strength, bamboo guarantees exceptional comfort and sleep.

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