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              Apart from the consumer market, Simmons has also established a strong presence in the institutional business. An average of 7 out of 10 prestigious hotels in Singapore use Simmons mattresses and 16 of the world`s top 20 hotel companies prefer Simmons® Beutyrest® mattress, giving testimony to our distinguished quality standart. So, wait no more and check into one of these hotels and enjoys the Simmons experience!

            When you invest in a mattress to provide your gusets with great night sleep, you are taking the most important step in gaining their loyalty and satisfaction

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Spring Bed Simmons Princeton
DEEPSLEEP® - PRINCETON San Reno Headboard DeepSleep® Princeton as the name suggests, enables the body to be majestically supported by the mattress and the same time, an impeccable royalty indulgence made accessible to all. Mattress Height : 31 Cm Firm Index : Comfort Medium Sp..
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Spring Bed Simmons Ultima
SUPREME SUPPORT FOR YOUR BODY A new and worthy addition to the Simmons® Beautyrest® range, the all-new Beautyrest® Ultima gives you supreme support for your tired body joints. The Beautyrest® Ultima as the name suggests, energizes your body, making you feel like the ultimate champion every ti..
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Spring Bed Simmons Crystalbelle
DEEPSLEEP® - CRYSTALBELLE San Bernardino Headborad The all-new DeepSleep® Crystalbelle, with an indulgent super pillow top layer allows the body to be cosily supported, is complemented with an all-new LFK spring system that offers a superior support system for the spine. Mattress Heig..
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Spring Bed Simmons Prestige
BEAUTYREST™ - PRESTIGE San Ramon Headboard   WIth a luxurious super pillow top layer and a new cooling fabric that allows your body to relax and breathe, the Beautyrest® Prestige offers you a relaxing and therapeutic sleep experience the very moment you sleep. Mattress Height..
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Spring Bed Simmons Charming
NIGHT OF INFINITE BLISS Designed with supreme balance of comfort and elegance, DeepSleep® Charming mattress is made just for you to experience nights of infinite bliss. Covered with soft knitted and resilient fabric, your night's sleep will definitely be a deep and restful one. Mattre..
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Spring Bed Simmons Eminence
Simmons DeepSleep® Eminence   Offering a comfortable and indulgent plush top layer, giving the body the required stability for a good night's rest, the Beautyrest EMINENCE perfectly caters for the worthy individuals who love to sleep in a cosy ambience that gives you the pampering you ..
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Spring Bed Simmons BackCare 4
UNSURPASSED REST FOR A SELF-REJUVENATING SLEEP The BackCare® 4 in the Simmons® e-Ion CRYSTAL™ Series is created to achieve unsurpassed rest and for a self-rejuvenating sleep. This best seller and popular model gives the right and unparalleled support for one's back. All e-Ion CRYSTAL™ Series ..
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Spring Bed Simmons Colony
RESTFUL SLEEP FOR A FRESH START With a new luxurious plush top and look, DeepSleep® Colony gives you a restful energized sleep that the body needs every night and always starting the next day fresh. Mattress Height : 34 Cm Firm Index : Comfort Firm Headboard : San Lorenzo Spec..
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Spring Bed Simmons Maxima
DEEPSLEEP® MAXIMA San Carlos Bedframe In your children's developing years, it is important to have a mattress that can provide the ideal support for the spine. With DeepSleep Maxima, a 2-in-1 mattress, now your children can also enjoy the support and comfort they need. Firm Index : Co..
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Spring Bed Simmons Dr Hard
FEEL REJUVENATED BRIGHT AND LIGHT Dr. Hard as evident by the name itself gives the body unparalleled body support and also with a brand new knitted fabric which cools and calms the body, allows you to feel rejuvenated, feeling bright and light. Mattress Height : 30 Cm Firm Index : Fir..
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Spring Bed Simmons Legacy
REST AND REJUVENATE IN LUXURY Catering to discerning individuals who enjoy immaculate rest and support after an arduous day at work, Beautyrest® Legacy, made with 100% memory foamm latex and the advanced Simmons® Pocketed Coil® technology, gives you 20% more support for your body contours and..
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